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Ensuring reliable access to TD

posted 27 Apr 2015, 21:28 by Greg Basford   [ updated 5 May 2015, 19:22 ]
Dear Colleagues,

We've done more troubleshooting on issues regarding access to TD being blocked for a small number of users. Please read the instructions below if you or your users are affected.

1. Ensure that the latest version of the z-scaler certificate is installed and correctly configured. See your ISO or contact the ICT Service Desk if you are unsure how to install & configure the certificate. Detailed instructions are here.

A quick way to verify that the correct version of the z-scaler certificate is installed is to click the green https:// lock icon in the Address Bar, click the "Connection" tab and verify that the connection is encrypted using TLS 1.2. If an earlier version, e.g. TLS 1.0 is displayed then the wrong certificate version has been installed and you should contact either your ISO or the ICT Service Desk.

2. Please ask users to check that cookies are not being blocked in Chrome. User will see a small icon on the RHS of their address bar with a red cross indicating that cookies are being blocked. To solve this:

- In Chrome, from the Chrome Settings menu (top right) select Settings.

- Scroll down and select "Show advanced settings ..."

- Scroll down to the Privacy section and click "Content settings ..."

- Under Cookies, ensure that "Block third-party cookies and site data" is NOT checked. Click "Done" and quit & restart Chrome.

3. If a teacher has changed their password recently, check that they have also signed in to Chrome with their new password (assuming they sign in to the Chrome browser, as they should be doing).