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Hapara service disruption - resolved

posted 8 Sept 2016, 01:17 by Greg Basford
Dear Colleagues,

Earlier today Hapara's TD service was disrupted causing student documents to not be displayed and some students to have duplicate folders in their Drive. 

Hapara have identified that the issue was caused by a mis-configuration in the Roster Loading feature.  They have corrected the configuration, and can confirm that Dashboard is correctly displaying documents for students now. Unfortunately a side effect of the mis-configuration was that some students has had another set of student folders created for them.  Hapara are working on identifying these folders, and will merge these folders with their existing folders.  They will do this in a manner to ensure that no student work will be affected and will let us know the progress of this clean up. No ETA at this stage.

Hapara apologises for these issues and any inconvenience to teaching and learning this has caused.