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Interact (Remote Control) in Primary Schools

posted 4 Sep 2014, 17:59 by Greg Basford   [ updated 4 Sep 2014, 18:03 ]

Dear Colleagues,

We've had some recent feedback regarding the Interact function (formerly called "Remote Control") not working correctly in some Primary Schools.

As the TD Manager, you should first discuss this with your ISO. As described here on the TD Project Site, there are some technical actions that your ISO needs to take in order for Interact to work in Primary Schools with shared devices. Please note the requirements for students to:

  • use Chrome, 
  • be signed-in to CloudShare and 
  • be authenticated to the internet.

Also note that, currently, the Interact function does not work on iPads.

If your ISO is unaware of what's involved, s/he should contact the ICT Service Desk. The key contact person is Scott Li. Also, your ISO may find this document helpful which describes the technical instructions involved.

Please let us know if these steps don't get Interact working for your school.


Greg & Donovan