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Teacher Dashboard 2.0 - try it out

posted 9 Dec 2014, 20:34 by Greg Basford
Dear Colleagues,

It's always good to finish the year on a high note.

For a little while now Hapara have been working on "Teacher Dashboard 2.0", including a faster, cleaner and more flexible user interface (UI). This week Hapara has made this new UI available to all users in what's called an "Open Beta". This means that you and your staff can try the new UI and provide feedback to Hapara.

As the TD Manager at your school we encourage you to try it out in preparation for 2015.

To access, just visit http://teacherdashboard.com and follow the prompts to register. For more information, see the Hapara Blog.

NB: you can use both the new UI and the current UI side by side (i.e. in two tabs in Chrome).