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Teacher Dashboard Term 4 Update

posted 7 Oct 2014, 01:28 by Greg Basford   [ updated 7 Oct 2014, 01:28 ]
Dear Colleagues,

We hope the term has started well for you.

Below is a brief update on our work with Teacher Dashboard and CloudShare. For more details about any of the matters discussed visit the Teacher Dashboard project site or follow the links.

1. Welcome, Greg
Greg Salerno, Year 6 and eLearning Reference Teacher at St Kevin's Primary School, Eastwood joins us as our CloudShare Support Officer (CSO) for this Term. Greg will be focussed on supporting the roll out and extended use of TD in our Schools this term. And yes, that makes 3 Gregs! :)

In welcoming Greg we also farewell Donovan CheungDonovan returns to his eLearning Co-ordinator role at Trinity College, Regents Park after doing a great job as our CSO in Term 3. We thank him and wish him well. 

2Teacher Dashboard for Schools in Term 4
With 136 schools now on board with TD we're coming to the end of our implementation program. For Term 4 schools we'll be implementing staff training in-person at a time that suits the school. There are still places available for Primary Schools in the Term 4 schedule and implementation kicks off this week with OLMC Primary, Waterloo. Read more ...

3. Teacher Dashboard for 2015
You may be wondering what happens with Teacher Dashboard at the end of the 2014 school year and how to get prepared for 2015. The good news is that all 2014 student data is archived for you automatically and we do the heavy lifting for you in terms of setting up your data for 2015.

There'll be more detailed information about this in coming weeks, but in the mean time you can learn more about what happens here.

4. Sentral & TD Integration
We're making good progress towards our goal of Sentral/TD integration for Secondary Schools by the beginning of 2015. Thanks to Brigidine College and Marist College Penshurst for assisting with ongoing testing and refinement of the process. We'll be providing more information about Sentral and TD later this Term.

5. CloudShare In-school Support
John Galvin, our CloudShare In-school Support Officer (CISO), continues to support schools in Term 4 with his focus on building teacher capacity to use CloudShare for student learning.

John's CISO role includes teacher release time of up to 4 days per school and is available to all schools. For more information, please contact John directly on 0421 767 690 or john.galvin@syd.catholic.edu.au, or speak with your regional eLearning adviser.

6. Need help training your staff with Teacher Dashboard?
Greg and I are available to assist with presentations and training on TD and CloudShare. We can do this either at your school or via Google Hangout or Video Conference. Contact us if you'd like more information.