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Hapara Highlights

Where can I learn how to use Highlights? Click here

Hapara's Highlights tool allows teachers to enhance sharing and collaboration with students by providing a view of students' activity when using the Chrome browser. It replaces the previous Interact service.

1. How do I get Highlights working for my School?
Highlights works on any student laptop* (PC, Mac or ChromeBook) running Chrome. At this time, Highlights doesn't work on students' mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones or Android devices.

For Highlights to work in your school, students must
  • be signed in to CloudShare (Google Apps) with their CEnet login, and
  • have authenticated to the internet, and
  • have accessed at least one Google App (Mail, Drive, Sites, etc) during the browser session.
In addition, 

For Secondary Schools
Students must sign in to the Chrome browser on their laptop with their @sydstu account. If students want to use multiple logins (e.g. a personal email address as well as their @sydstu address) then they must set up separate Chrome Profiles.

For Primary Schools
Your In-School Support Officer (ISO) needs to make changes to the local Server at your school. If assistance is required, please ask your ISO to contact the ICT Service Desk.

2. What kinds of Privacy controls are there with Highlights?
Teacher Dashboard's Highlights function can only be used in school hours (7.30am to 5.00pm).

Also, Highlights only operates within your schools' network. Therefore, Highlights will not work for, say, a student working from home or anywhere else outside Sydney Catholic Schools' network infrastructure.
A quick look at Highlights for Teacher Dashboard

3. How should Teachers use Highlights in the classroom?
Highlights is most effective when used in the context of a co-operative and collaborative classroom environment. Teachers love the Highlights features in Teacher Dashboard - but it can be very counter-productive if used to simply "monitor" students

We strongly encourage teachers to use Highlights not just as a monitoring tool but as a learning tool in the classroomFor example:
  • Open tabs (web sites) automatically for the whole class at once (Highlights opens each site in a new tab on each student's browser);
  • Share the screen of a student that's done exceptional work, or as a sample for remediation/correction;
  • Use the message feature to remind students how long to go with a task, or to encourage good work;
  • Use the screen capture feature to take a snapshot of student work for future reference, or as an example of a particular level of work according to a rubric.
Watch this video to see more examples of how to use Highlights in your classroom.