Register your School

For schools already using TD in 2015 and wanting to roll over into 2016, please click here

Schools new to Teacher Dashboard can get started in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Sign up

First get approval from your Principal, then your eLearning Co-ordinator or reference Teacher can register your School using the form below. Your Principal will nominate a person to take the role of a TD Manager. Please read the activities and expectations for the TD Manager role.

Step 2: Set up

This involves setting up staff, student and class information. For Primary Schools, this step is automated and done for you.

For Secondary Schools, the TD Manager works with Sydney Catholic Schools and Hapara to get your school setup with Teacher Dashboard. 

Step 3: Do the training

The Sydney Catholic Schools' Innovation & Development team will train your staff via Google Hangout. See the training schedule here.

Teacher Dashboard is really easy to use and learn. Teachers can learn the basics in just a few minutes, plus there's online help and video tutorials.